Once Upon Another Time: Senior Showcase 2015

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Once Upon Another Time: Senior Showcase 2015

I came across this video recently, and I feel that as one of my very first strong solo performances, it’s worth displaying here.

I remember, as a senior in high school, about to graduate from the IB program, I was scared to leave the family I had built and with which I felt comfortable, but excited to begin the next chapter in my life. Looking back on it, I think this performance was very significant in defining this new beginning.

For the first time, I sang something that was close to my heart, and I sang it like I meant it. For the first time, I let go of my fears and just performed for myself. I sang to express, and I expressed to let go.


In the words of Sara Bareilles, “I was free” (Once Upon Another Time).

And a year later, I found myself on a very different stage, singing a song I had written myself, to share my own story with the world.


This was a new beginning in many ways, and I hope you find something in it that speaks to you as much as it speaks to me.

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