Meaningful Beginnings

By on Sep 22, 2017

What does it mean for an experience to be authentic?

When we travel to other countries, we tend to enter our foreign endeavors with romanticized ideas of the ‘authentic study-abroad experience.’

I’m a Loser!

By on Aug 19, 2017

If you don’t already know this, it’s been about four months since I joined Weight Watchers. I rejoined the program after seeing my father have such great success with it in the last 8 months. My first experiences with the program were when I was about 15 years old, and Dad and I did it together back then too, but we didn’t follow the “guidelines” as well as we should have. This time has been different…

My First Leap

By on Jun 15, 2017

At the beginning of every summer, I tell myself there are certain activities I want to do or goals I want achieve in the course of the subsequent months. In the past, this list has included seeing a baseball game, reading 25 books, losing weight, going to Cedar Point, writing new music, and really becoming dedicated to photography as a hobby. Yet, year after year, this list seems to reappear and even increase, while I continue to spend my summers laying around, playing video games, binging Netflix shows (not even the good ones) and coming up with excuses not to pursue my passions…

Little Wonders

By on Jun 1, 2017

So about a year ago, I was on my way to work, walking on a concrete sidewalk, with the sun rising to my left, and a cool breeze in the air. It was a very dramatic and almost cheesy morning, as I’m sure you can tell. Anyway, as I approached my final destination, there was the tiny snail on the sidewalk…