Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated and inspired by photography. I remember my father always with a camera in his hands — not one of those disposable boxes used at weddings, but a fancy professional-looking cannon camera with cool lenses and lots of gadgets I didn’t understand.

Like most kids, I never quite understood what my parents did for a living, because my mother was a stay-at-home mom, and Dad went to work in grown-up clothes, and did something at a desk. But as it turns out, my father is a man of many talents, interests, and hobbies. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve seen him do everything from journalism to desk work to IT support, wedding photography, teaching and even instructing yoga.

So I’ve always looked at careers as something that can be flexible. By that I just mean that I have always thought I would pursue multiple hobbies and interests at once, or maybe just at different points of my life. Thanks to my father, I have always been encouraged to live my life this way.

His consistent use of photography throughout the 20 years of my life has truly helped me remember and appreciate my past, while imagining my future.


Taking photographs has become such a normal part of our everyday lives now with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and simply having smartphones with great cameras at the tips of our fingers. And the ease with which an inexperienced user can make “artistic” photographs with filters and special effects, seems to have taken away some of the originality of photography in my eyes.

Throughout middle school and high school I tried to find ways to use my photography skills for projects, but after graduating, social media pictures and their popularity seemed to make me forget the artistry and beauty that can really come for personal original work.

For this reason, the “Photography” section of this website is going to be dedicated to getting back to my photography. I finally have the tools, the professional camera, and the right attitude to get back in touch with my pure love of capturing life through my lens.


I hope you enjoy my photographs of the places I travel to, the interests I explore, and the way I view the world. I am no professional, but I have decided not to worry about perfect techniques, or my lack of training, because the perfect shot is simply what I make of it.


Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions. I always love learning from other artists.