Old T-Swift Tugs at My Heartstrings

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Old T-Swift Tugs at My Heartstrings

Regardless of whatever you might say in public or around your friends to hide your unwarranted embarrassment, I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift is the bees knees. Over the course of 10 years, and 5-6 major albums, she has managed to cover a very wide spectrum of musical sounds and aesthetics, starting with country and pop-country cross over, all the way to her current production of more pop-alternative music.

But no matter her current style at any given time, I always have her old stuff at hand when I’m shuffling through music on my phone. Something about old TS is just necessary occasionally. And one of these songs that I can never skip, is “Best Day” from her album, Fearless.

I know my dad will probably mention something to me later about how I keep making posts related to fathers (specifically him). Ha! But let’s be honest, some unsung heroes need a little bit of spotlight every now and then, even if it’s subtle and buried in my pop culture blog references.

Anyway, I always felt like this song was literally singing about my personal experiences. But that’s what’s so incredible about music as a subculture. It is one of the only forms of culture that is relatively transcendent across space and time. Music connects us, brings us together, and helps us build identities. While I’m sure there are many girls who can say this song resonates with them, just as we all find different interpretations and relations to music, I just needed to take a second to recognize it’s relevance in my life, as I grew up with my dad and brothers.

Just a thought I couldn’t seem to get out of my head after having just listened to this song as it came up on shuffle.


So here’s to you, Dad 🙂

I’ve had some of the best days with you.

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